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Originally Posted by RobUK View Post
Here's a video clip of the rear parking sensors being 'stupid'. Car is in reverse gear but stationary about 3-4ft in front of a brick wall. Sensors look like they're guessing!

For 3-4' distance its typical you'd get varied response from any RF Ultrasonic sensor. Especially since BMW claims their PDC works at less than 5'. RF varies depending on many conditions, including atmospheric and type of material used to construct the obstacle (in this case a wall). I bet if you continue to move back towards the wall and you'll see the sensors become much more predictable.

These sensors, just like the camera are meant to provide an additional way for you to see what is behind you. Unfortunately, they don't replace you being aware of your surroundings.

In order for PDC to be useful, drivers need to be moving at minimal speed (less than 3MPH).

After reading this thread I did some testing today with my November 2012 build F30. I found the sensors worked well as long as I was "crawling" back or forward into a parking spot. And I've got the old Nav (thanks to BMWNA). This result is pretty much the same as my E90.

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