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Originally Posted by SRHosein View Post
Hi all,

I am working on creating a tracker for blown b48s motors, appreciate if anyone care to add their details. See attached which will be updated and shared when I gather all information.
We can also capture all other B48s that are tuned and no issues so we can have a reference.

Purpose is to gather data to help the B48 community.
Please add your b48 vehicle details and return to me, I will compile and share.
I think a great resource to collect info with this engine is the North American motoring forums. The F56 Cooper S shares the same pistons and piston issues have been reported when pushing really high torque. The AFRs, timing and boost on that engine is way different from what I could see is being followed on the BMW side of things. Cooper S seem to run quite rich when WOT, less boost but higher timing. If an expert tuner could give an opinion on this it would be great.
Appreciate 1