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Originally Posted by tpoddar View Post
A bit off topic but do tunes with similar timing and boost, make similar power?
I borrowed this log from Freddie_Rome post (MgFlasher) -

and this is my log (bootmod3) -

Bootmod3 has higher boost and timing overall but the torque and power shown in the Mgflasher tune is much higher, are these ECU figures inaccurate or does MgFlasher produce more power due to some other reason?
I don't know. Remember, my calibration is a custom tune, so no OTS. I think also depends on the car configuration. My F20 got a complete Bastuck catback exhaust, downpipe 200 cpsi, Afe Power dry air filter, FTP alumium combo (cp and air inlet), Quaife lsd, xHp stage 3. So the power output could be different.
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