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Originally Posted by tpoddar View Post
PTF doesn't make custom maps. The bootmod3 platform allows tuners to sell their custom maps for users. I'm currently on bm3 OTS and it works absolutely fine, if you do need to go custom then you have plenty of choices like CaryJordan and Navardi Tuned.
For custom tune F80Paul, Navardi Tuned and HCP are the best I have worked with via BM3 platform. There are many negative reviews about other tuners, so be careful who you tune with and recommend as well. I personally had a very negative experience with another tuner (I will not call name) who is very famous but made less than OTS. The car did not drive right, over boosting to 33psi, numerous throttle closures to protect my engine and over 50 revision with no resolutions to numerous faults. The car was going in limp mode and could only run hard with traction control off. A total failure in my books and I requested a refund which I did not get. Paid for two maps and got a refund for the second one as we did not start it. The 1st map the tuner claimed he will fix but he never did. I eventually gave up. I am also very shocked by the amount of people using this same tuner and claiming to have good results. I have also reviewed logs from other users of this custom tuner and same issues. Most people don't review logs and feel all is good.
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