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Originally Posted by arnsbrae View Post
Another kick ass marketing decision by BMW. I don't mind waiting for improvements if they are genuinely in development but it frustrates the hell out of me when it is just the marketing department phasing things in at their pace, seemingly arbitrarily.

My current order will miss out on the updated iDrive sat nav system because of this. Also, they have introduced the xdrive into the UK on a model very few people buy - the 320i. Again, the 320xd is developed - they were showing it in Zurich - but I can't have one. This is far and away the most popular engine for UK F30s.

With over a month to go before my F30 is due to be built, I find myself flirting with the Audi and Mercedes configurators (well, I will when Mercedes has finished upgrading theirs...) I may well cut off my nose to spite my face but I'm sick of being manipulated. If the damn technology is developed and available, just sell it to me!
Originally Posted by Maz335i View Post
So you changed your order to an F10 and cancelled the F30?
I'm going to sleep on it, but yes, I think I will. The F30 was due to be built Week 1 in August, so I have time.
In the UK, the F10 is a bit of a bargain - a 520d SE auto is close in price to a 320d Modern auto, with the spec being very similar. By dropping the metallic paint and through loading options I had ticked on the F30, it starts to become attractive. And I will get the updated 609 now, which is important to me.

My preference would be to have a 320d xdrive with the updated 609 option but my lease means I have to change in August (it's a company car).

Sorry for the long answer to a simple question!
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