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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
Proud member here and thought it was a joke at first when I read the mail from the NRA about CCW in Illinois. I just hope the actual process of obtaining the license is not too insane or expensive. I assume it maybe more stringent than Utah's (I'm licensed) or Florida's, either way it's about time

FYI...I believe the citizens of Chicago must go through a shit load of red-tape just to own a gun and are limited to ONE.
The regular ownership requirements within the city limits are a just ridiculous revenue generator...
  • Pay money to take class
  • Go to Class - Take Test
  • Go to Range - Take Test
  • Get approval to apply for permit
  • Go to local PD and apply - Pay Money
  • Get Permit - Pay money to renew/yr

Can't wait to move to the 'burbs.

Not sure what the CCW will require, but I in general it seems like it'll be the same type of BS - Class/Pay/Pay/Pay.. blah blah.

I grew up with guns in Southern IL.. Shot my first gun when I was 5? Was gifted guns by parents/grandparents since 10? The red tape to me is honestly a waste of time... but if it slows down unqualified/stupid people from obtaining one, I guess it makes it worth it.