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Originally Posted by pkancel View Post
Late reply but here you go! OC is pretty easy going, they wont stop you for tint or lack of front plate, etc but if you are speeding and get pissy with them, they might consider adding those things to the ticket Highway Patrol, is a hit or miss. Depends on the day so no matter whether OC or LA, they might get you for tint.

LA and especially LAX Airport area, very touchy on tint and front plate. Hit or miss but much more likely up there than here in OC. In 10 years, LA got me twice, once for tint and once for plate. OC, never once.
Well I'm leaving my Texas plates as long as "legally" possible. They're going to start issuing only one plate so at least I'll have an excuse to only have one. Plus tint laws here are a joke, but I'm not going as dark as I have in the past