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Originally Posted by Steve33 View Post
Well I'm leaving my Texas plates as long as "legally" possible. They're going to start issuing only one plate so at least I'll have an excuse to only have one. Plus tint laws here are a joke, but I'm not going as dark as I have in the past
So you plan on keeping them for 20 days to be legal. I have one of my race cars registered/inspected/insured in Texas and I have a matching address Texas ID with a house in Texas and even when I'm visiting, I get tickets for not having CA plates up near Willow Springs and off the 10 near Fontana near the race tracks although the car does have a roll cage that is visible through the rear window. They always get thrown out, but not by mail.

I spend time in both states so while they are partially right, I've also gotten a ticket for front window tint within 20 miles of the border from Arizona on a 67mph in a 65 + front (non limo, but tx legal applied at the dealership) window tint on a fully normal street TX car again with matching credentials. That specific officer told me that once a car enters the state, it must be fully legal within that state so I believe you are expected to remove the tint at the border even for sight seeing. This kind of relates to gun owners as well so I think he is legally correct. I have a concealed license in TX which gives me the same rights in many other states although there are combinations of states on a given road trip that require me to remove the ammo and put the gun in the trunk for that leg of the trip.

I have been driving around Santa Monica with paper plates for over a year with absolutely no trouble. I had to actually renew my plates and they are not even on the car, front or otherwise.