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All good points, didnt think about those. I actually moved from Dallas to So Cal and kept my Texas Tags for at least a year but also kept my Drivers License. Got stopped and told the cop I just moved here 2 weeks ago, which was nearly a year later. He didnt say anything after that but I did get the speeding ticket, which I certainly deserved.

Part of the reason I did that was because during that time, Gray Davis-Gov of CA had just tripled the cost for registering vehicles. The nice thing was that after about a year, dont recall exactly, it was reversed and then I switched everything over.

Steve, the toll idea could be even worse. A temp dealer tag with no tollpass can get you a very hefty fine. I did that after buying a new car, Highway Patrol stopped me and I had no idea why since I wasnt speeding. He was just at the end of the tollpass area and told me he didnt see a tollpass cardd displayed. I told him its a new car and havent received from the TollRoads yet but I told him I registered the car online with the TollRoads. He told me that was great but since I dont have a tag, how could the toll road know what to charge me I told him good point, I didnt think about that. He told me, that is a $1000 fine so he would let me go this time but if I try it again, he'll fine me for that time and this one, which will double the fine. I went and got my tollpass card. Saving $30.00 a month wasnt worth the risk of paying $1,000+