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Exclamation 17 Day European Delivery - Honeymoon with my Imperial F30 335i 6MT/ April 2012

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Well let's make this as easy and as straight forward as possible...
you are about to ride along with me on my Euro Delivery, and relive what i did last month.

It's has been over a month now since i picked up my car on the 12th of April!

This is the route as i had planned it before the trip:

And this is the route as we ended doing:

I will separate the photos by groups. Each post will represent a day of the trip.

I will have at least one picture for each day of my Euro Trip for/and with the F30

Each photos will have an id, so that if you are to make a comments about one, it would be easier for others so follow.

One of the reason i wanted to do this thread is:
because up until now, we keep on hearing that the photos of F30 do not do it justice;
and i agree, the car looks much better in real life.

In fact, i am liking it more and more every time i see one in the street.
I am starting to see about a couple per week now.

With the pictures presented here,
i hope to be able to capture the beauty of the car just like we would see it irl.
I want to show you its real beauty, in everyday life situation...

it will not be a post of quality or artistic in nature,
but rather a post of quantity... i just wanted to dump a whole avalanche of photos to you guys right here...

(because each post will be rather long)
Here are the links (and place holders) to each day: 

Day 0 (Point A on the map above): getting to Munich
Day 1 (Point A to B): In Munich, the day of the Delivery !!
Day 2 (Point B to E): Trying to reach Stevio... but unsuccessfully
Day 3 (Point E to G): Milan is not that great, especially if sick <<< On this page at the very bottom! (if you browser can finish loading )
Day 4 (Point G to H): From Genova, going up the Italian Coast <<< Starts @ the bottom of the page
Day 5 (Point H to I): From Monte Carlo, Coasting the French Riviera <<< Starts @ the second half of the page
Day 6 (Point I to K): From St Tropez, to Toulouse via Avignon
Day 7 (Point K to L): From Toulouse to the Island "Re"
Day 8 (Point L to M): Heading to the Mont St Michel <<< starts @ the very bottom of the page
Day 9 (Point M to O): Going to Paris <<< starts @ the second half of the page
Day 10 (Point O): Pit Stop in Paris
Day 11 (Point O to P): We are going to the Nurb <<< starts @ the second half of the page
Day 12 (Point P to Q): Do we really have to leave the Ring ?
Day 13: Around town in Paris
Day 14: Around town in Paris <<< starts @ the second half of the page
Day 15: Around town in Paris without a car
Day 16: Last day in Paris <<< starts @ mid page
Day 17: going back to SoCal


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