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Originally Posted by DarkstarZero View Post
I have a 328i Wagon... I come from owning a huge amount of M cars but as I'm starting a family, kid on the way, big dog, I needed a family car. I would have bought a 335 wagon, even a M3 wagon if they made it, but I live in NA so my ONLY option was a 328.

I really want to get my 328 up to 300hp, close to the performance that I'm used to, but I don't think I want to push this much boost, just for engine longevity sake. I'd probably use a tune that's a little less aggressive, adding 30-40hp, coupled with a full exhaust which gives around 20hp on its own. I think that'll get me really close to the desired 300hp and performance that I want.
Well for starters, you don't have 240hp, you have more like 270hp. This is dyno proven. Just a stage 1 tune will give you about 300hp at the crank. A full exhaust and stage 2 tune will net you more like 320-330hp.

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