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Originally Posted by Isow View Post
That's right the heated seats start on off then when you switch them on they go to the highest setting automatically, and then they have to be adjusted to the lowest setting !
The point is why when you put the heated seats on don't they start on the lowest setting & then if you should want more heat you can adjust them upwards .
Lets face it , when you put the wipers on they don't start on the fastest setting, they start on the lowest. Why don't the heated seats follow the same logic ?
Yes, I completely agree. Mind you I am ok with switching the button myself (to spare my cheeks , haha) but start at the lowest setting.

Guess, you guys feel opposite, which is fine. Seems like I'll have to deal with it . On a similar topic I saw a very interesting heat setting for a 6 Series via iDrive, check this out. Makes me wish we had this but then again it would have been MUCH more expensive...

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