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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
I'm not saying the general message of this review is completely off. But everything he said could have been said by anyone reading car magazine reviews without every driving the car. My point was that he sounded like he made up his mind even before he drove it. I understand that the F30 is a great car, but think of it this way. If the conclusion of his review was the exact opposite, wouldn't you still say that this was a fair review?

Also, although I have not driven it, I've read rave reviews about the steering on the late model C63 AMG as being significantly better than that of the M3.

Variable sport steering is a completely different beast from the Active steering. Besides, none of this changes the fact that he claimed the E90 steering was luxury oriented and numb, whereas the hydraulic steering on the F30 has more feel. Again, the F30 is a great car, but come on. That's like saying the new 911 is a much better car than the previous gen, and has a way more engaging steering. Only half of that statement is true and the other half is the opposite of true.

I do not think any US model E90 came with EPS. I'm quite certain of it. There was a confusion for a while that the 128i came with the EPS (thanks to information on, but my understanding is that even that wasn't true.
I've read the same about the newer C63's, too, but since I've never actually driven one I can't verify that. I was only talking about the early-year C63s which I have personal experience with. But honestly, the steering in the regular W204 C class is waaayy too soft, if you're going around a gentle curve and hit a bump you always end up accidentally tugging at the wheel which is extremely annoying especially when someone else is driving and you're being tossed around the passenger seat. The rest of the C class is actually really good, if you live in an area with rough roads like I do I can totally understand why you would chose the C over a 3 series (I know plenty of people who had E90s and replaced them with C classes) but I remember the later year W203 C230s as being a ton more fun than the new ones.

Whatever steering my 2007 E90 had, it was excellent, but my 135i has an order of magnitude more steering feel so it wouldn't surprise me if the E90 had EPS since I know the 135i has mechanical power steering.