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Originally Posted by Dust16 View Post
I've been seriously considering the same color combination, so please please please post more picks as soon as you have it (preferably some in sunlight too, and if you could calibrate the white balance on your camera that would be awesome ).

The interior I can already say looks drop dead gorgeous - combination of the cashmere, the door inserts, the stitching, the (individual piano?) black, the M wheel and M manual gearlever - simply amazing! I always thought the 5 had a much nicer interior than the 3, but after seeing this I actually feel that a 3 specced like this blows the 5 away.

The exterior color looks really nice, but really we need more pics (did I say that already? )? I love mid blues, but I don't like it when they are too purple. In the configurator Tanzanite looks pure blue, and most of the pics I've seen (6 series) suggest it is. But in overcast weather without correct white balance any photographed blue will turn purple...

Anyway love the car, combo with M package is also stunning.

I can't guarantee the sun but I'll see if I can find out how to change the white balance on the camera. Failing that I may just need a new camera

Inside of the car is amazing, the combination is as you described and looks superb. I'll try and get more photos of the inside too when all the protective coverings are off.

The blue is wonderful when you see it, it's a deep, inky blue with lots of flake in it that glistens in the right light. Unfortunately the cloudy weather, the delivery dirt and my dodgy camera could never do it justice.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with the package. The whole packaged looks amazing, maybe I need better photos