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Originally Posted by austin.draper View Post
I recently changed my oil cooler about a month ago due to a freak accident. Caused oil to leak. Changed the part out, took it to the nearest BMW to make sure it was ok. Had an oil change, car was fine. About a week and a half later. Driving on the highway. Did a short acceleration to get around a vehicle to exit the freeway. Soon as I come around, the RPMs shot up high, warning message comes on to say Drivetrain malfunction, car immediately goes into neutral. Had to coast it on the shoulder.. had the car towed to BMW and they say the engine locked up, 25k in repairs. Currently waiting on full diagnostic to come back so I can see what exactly is wrong.
What exactly needs to be replaced?

A rebuilt engine from BMW costs $13k and a brand new engine costs about $18k.

Either way that's pretty pricey which is why I may end up going with Ford/GM for my future track car. Catastrophic failures are much less expensive. $9k for a brand new GM LT1 in the event you blow one up.