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Originally Posted by mikew2069 View Post
VERY interesting for the "did you really wait until 15k miles to change your oil" debate...
It does and it doesn't really.
My build is 7/2013 and it doesn't look like BMW will change it, but I won't know until I go in for the first change.

Even if pre 7/2013 builds stay on the 15k interval it doesn't bother me.
BMW still warranties the car, and I know that full synthetic can handle it.
For me it's not an issue.
For others, they have to make their own decision.

This reduction in miles does add an interesting point to the debate regarding those who think BMW chose 15k as a way to save money, and now factory oil changes will come sooner.

I think this might have more to do with carbon build up around the valves, more so than the oil losing it's lubricating ability.
Still, it does indicate that BMW NOW thinks 10k is more appropriate rather than 15k.