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Originally Posted by Cortexiphan View Post
I live in Boston but I'm still thinking of getting the vert.

With neck warmers, I can probably drive top down even when it's 50-55 F outside, which is pretty much 8 months in Boston. And, when the top is up and in bad weather, it doesn't have any disadvantages over the coupe except that the back seats are tighter, which I don't care, and higher weight would probably give more traction.
Also the weight difference is more noticeable in NA Engines. With the turbo, the performance difference between vert and the coupe will be less significant.
The less summer one has the more valuable the convertible. Try going to Hamburg where they can have 11 months of grey sky. Lots and lots of convertibles so that you really suck in the sunny days, even if you have to go somewhere for work or something.

I don't know about the neck warmer. What you need is one of those pads that cats sleep on, from the pet supply store. It is exactly lap-sized and has warm fabric. Put it on the jeans.

Out of curiosity, are you aware of a Boston area dealer that has a 4-series vert on the lot?