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Originally Posted by roxxor View Post
Indeed it is correct. OP mentioned his already had a pin in slot 2, which seems unusual. This is probably what led to the confusion with his not working, since he never connected the wire to the icm pin6
Yesterday I have finished the front PDC installation on my wife's car.
When it comes to central console, indeed, there is already connected PIN 2 on the central console. When I have seen this I decided to leave it as it is becasue I wasn't able to find the ICM A78.
For the moment, I haven't managed yet to code the car in order to notify it about the front PDC sensors existance. I hope next week I will find someone to do it.

Do you think it will work as it is, or I really need to connect PIN1 to another PIN from the ICM A78.

Do you know where exactly is located the ICM A78? I have tried to find pictures on the internet, but no luck so far.

Many thanks in advance for your suppport on this.