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Originally Posted by FunRevn View Post
Your car looks very nice I like the wheels!
Thanks, FunRevn!

Originally Posted by KneeDragr View Post
Can we get some info on your wheels/tires/offsets? Yours is the only GT Ive seen that fills out the fenders.
Avant Garde M590
Front 19"x8.5" ET35
Rear 19"x9.5" ET43

Micheline Pilot Super Sport
Front: 235/40R19 = 26.402" (1.700% smaller than OEM front)
Rear: 275/35R19 = 26.579" (1.689% smaller than OME rear)
Both <0.7% of each other.

Car has NOT been lowered, just better wheels.
I kept the stock staggered 400m rims, and put Blizzaks on them for the winter

Originally Posted by allachie9 View Post
A great set of images of a great looking GT.
I love the location and composition of these images (as well as the quality, of course).

The railroad tracks have a nice shiny top on them, so they're obviously still in use. Hope you managed your shots around the railroad timetable

ps. just had a look at the full set on Flickr . . . . great !
Thanks! Yeah, that was a functional track with frequent traffic. My wife was actually inside the driver seat, ducked! We both had our cellphones on, and as soon as I heard the train coming I yelled "GET OUT!!!" and she sprung back up, and drove off... engine running the whole time.. lol.

Glad you guys like'm!

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