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Originally Posted by tomes View Post
Hey guys, I'm considering leasing a 320i. I read that I can custom order car even if I lease it, that's probably what I'm gonna do. I was wondering if it is possible to custom order a 320i with M Sport and SAT. I know those options are available in Europe for 320i.. In the worst case scenario I'm gonna go for 320i with sport package (or 328i with M sport if I get a good offer )
No. It's only available here with the sport package. You might be able to swing getting the SAT, but I don't think so. Forum member Technic had the SAT coded after the fact and bought a paddle shifter steering wheel and had it installed.

Originally Posted by Mike_L View Post
Fan favorite to who? Its a turd. Complete waste of money. Be better off with a Honda or Toyota if you're gonna skimp on options. Thats for the paupers who are buying for the badge. I've said it before and I stand by it.
I'm sorry, there is just no way of sugar coating the fact that this is an utterly stupid statement. If you want to stand by it and reiterate it over and over and look stupid doing it that certainly is a choice you can make.
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