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Originally Posted by Flacht3 View Post
Looks like the official details are finally out:

Take my damn money! Especially love the Spyder...last of a dying breed, not many NA 6 manual drop-tops out there anymore. Give me that screaming flat 6 with no top.

Only disappointment is they donít seem to push the performance envelope very far beyond the 981. I think many were expecting a 9k redline. If anything it could help preserve 981 values a bit as they seemed to be in free fall as folks were expecting the 718 to be more of a baby-GT3. Net net I still think this will be THE car to have south of $100k (even though we all know the options will push average MSRP well over $100k).

"10 seconds faster around the ring than the previous generation GT4"

I'd say they pushed the performance envelope right off the table

Like you said... Take my money!!!

wondering if this torpedos the prices of the 4banger 718's and the 981 GT4....hope so

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