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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
Cant Wait!!!

Big fan of the deal.

1. Its an extension, not a new deal. So the total value is 8yr 103mill (12.875/yr)
2. Havent seen the details on the deal, but allegedly he will still count the same against the cap the next 2 years as he would have without the deal.
3. We locked him in for 8 more years. Over those 8 years, you will see guys like Saquon, CMC, and Kamara all come up for new deals. Those guys will be resetting the market and will be getting more than the 15mill zeke got on the new end of the deal. He will be a bargain in 3-4 years, and, based on how the cowboys do deals, there will be little to no penalty to cutting him after those 3-4 years if we need to.

Now lets trick dak into signing a 6yr deal, and amari too.
Originally Posted by TXSTYLE View Post
EXACTAMUNDO!!!! Jerry and his Genius Financial Dudes getting shit done!

Dak up Next....

This Team is loaded AF with talent!!!

Saw this in a tweet:

"There are clauses in the Ezekiel Elliott contract that if he gets suspended/has another off-field issue, most of the guaranteed money would void."

Not sure how legit but VERY necessary for obvious reasons. Jerraaahh knows what he's doing.