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Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
let's speak in percentages. what percent of all tesla vehicles on the road caught fire or have had autopilot issues?
You can read their report they publish every quarter that discusses both of these issues. Whether or not you should trust it is a different story.

Alternatively you can read MIT's study on Autopilot.

No one outside of Tesla has done an official study tabbing the number of Tesla vehicle fires, but an estimate can be found somewhere between 30-80 since 2013 while being generous with the high end of Tesla's claim. Tesla claims 40.

In other words, with the data we have today, a Tesla fire is still extremely rare. The news reports it as a crazy common scary event in the same way they do plane crashes. People have piss poor selective memory; we see two instances of something and call it a trend. This is why data is important.

It's reported so heavily because it's brand new technology, it's a significant shift in how we've traditionally powered vehicles, nearly everyone drives, car fires are scary, and Elon Musk is vocal and rich. People eat that shit up and ad revenue soars. This is nothing new from what the media has always done.

Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
less than 3% of passenger car/truck (non-commercial) vehicles are diesel. even less than that were VAG TDI products at the time when the diesel scandal unfolded. let's talk about what makes front page news.
Yeah. Exactly. Dumb shit makes front page news. It makes it nice and easy to buy a used diesel VW from that era because people think there's something wrong with them thanks to sensationalist journalism.

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