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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
I'm not certain what you're thinking of here but MSC was 3 years out of F1 at this point. 3 years. Think about that in F1. It's like half a century.

The facts are they developed a car that chewed up tires during that 3 years and that is what HAM walked into. Quick enough to get pole then went backwards. Until the end of the 2013 season when, suddenly, it began getting better.

And the fact is that Ross Brawn had just won a WDC in 2009. He was always the brains and leader of the team. The car developed by MSC and ROS was a mid-field queen with one win in 3 years. When HAM joined the team the car became a more stable platform and real development began.

And before anyone begins to talk about the technical prowess of ROS, remember: He couldn't make the car go fast until the technical team did a complete analysis of HAMs driving and delivered a dossier of more than 100 pages to teach him how to drive. ROS. The intellectual driver. LOL. It's like calling someone an intellectual who steals the final exam and spent the semester cheating off his classmates homework. It's insane.

Edit: On driver freedom. There has been ONE Race where BOT was ordered to yield to HAM and that was given back in Suzuka. MSC benefited from ALWAYS having his teammates yield to him. It became farcical to the point that it was purely embarrassing. BAR yielding to MSC in the final lap and final 2 turns of the race by practically parking the car on the track. The biggest joke in the history. Lastly, the second half of the season is the only time that Ferrari has allowed the facing...6 races. Once LEC establishes dominance they will revert back to their race fixing ways. Don't fool yourself. It's what they do.
comme ci comme ca. There are many ways that a race team PR will spin to make believe that everything is kosher with team orders. Also the cars power can still be increased and cut from the pits? Remember the 'codes' teams were sending to drivers..The one that stands out most in a 'wait for the other one game" for Bar and Sch was the US? one where Sch slowed for Bar to catch up to make a dead heat only for Bar to win by a whisker.Sch was seething as Bar pointed to himself quizzically.