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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
I'm not certain what you're thinking of here but MSC was 3 years out of F1 at this point. 3 years. Think about that in F1. It's like half a century. [Etcetera]
I utterly agree that the arrival of HAM on the MB team put them on a new, higher level. Rosberg was puttering around with washed-up Schumi, happy to be best-of-the-rest. When HAM showed up suddenly Rosberg is a front runner. Did he pick up his game or did he learn a thing or two from a master? I feel very strongly that his sudden exit post WDC is evidence that he was driving well above his ability, happy to get his daddy monkey off his back and happy to get out of the car for good.

Ferrari seems to me to be a different animal right now. They're still finding their feet but I suspect that changes at the top of the company and team have brought the team into a new era in terms of driver preference. Leclerc has a once-in-a-generation opportunity IMO. He has the talent, he just needs a shrink to help him with the head stuff. Hard to tell a kid his age a thing like that.

Back on topic: with no grievances filed in Mexico, I have to assume that either the other engine folks picked up on the Ferrari trick, or else they all have what they want from this season and are focused on the next. Where the Ferrari trick will doubtless be deployed across the entire field.