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Just changed out stock spark plugs for NGK 94201 and gapped to .022 for tune. Super easy to do and I took my time.

Car History:
Stock: 3500mi
MPPSK: 3500-18,000mi
MP Stage 2: 18k-now

First time changing sparks so no idea what's a good or bad spark, but thought I'd put a picture up for you all to let me know. Checked all stock plugs were gapped to .030 with 5th one about .031 not sure how others found wild range of gaps in their stock plugs.

Left to right is 1-6 going front to back. Single picture is of 3 that looked "darker" compared to rest. What you all think? Didn't need to change? Clean sparks? Or somethings wrong?

Spark plugs overall look fine, the tip doesn't look as worn down and the fact that they measured at .30/.31 is within factory tolerance, but a lot of the factory plugs are also arriving at .28 so they could also have some wear to them which is expected. Since you were regapping anyways it should have definitely helped a bit that you changed them out.

How's .022 running for you?
So far so good, just finished last night so outside of a few small pulls, wasn't able to really test out high rev range.