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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
So, up until the F30 came along, I had to give it to BMW for preserving a buyer's ability to mix and match the interior and exterior colors as the buyer saw fit. With the F30, however, BMW promulgated what colors belong on the various lines, which I must admit I detest also, particularly as they are, except for the sport and m-sport, are a lot of money for cosmetics.

Even so, as one who likes red interiors, I can at least get by with the sport or m-sport lines. But I think BMW need to add a new interior color with the introduction of the F32: Estoril Blue, or whatever blue it is that would match that blue stripe that comes on the m-sport's dash.

Aside from the reasoning above, I think BMW should offer blue because it's a great interior color that'll look especially smart with pretty well all of the exterior colors they offer and because it's a color not often available from other mainstream car makers. Indeed, if one desires a blue interior, one has no choice but to buy a car costing well over $135K. So at the very least, I guess that makes blue an upscale color.

Also, I noticed that BMW relatively recently introduced some new interior colors for the 5 and 6 series -- that chocolate brown color and the orange color. So I think it's now the 3er's turn to get a color of it's own.

Lastly, some of you may recall back when the E92 came out, the red interior was unique -- among the 3ers -- to the coupe. So a blue that matches that stripe would be a good choice to give the F32 an interior color of its own.
They are trying desperately to stay ahead in the sales game and offering more colors etc slows reduction down. IMO their focus has moved from enthusiasts to luxury owners. Money talks and that's where the sales are.

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