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Guys, do you see the power of marketing? Before you complained about the name changing, but now it feels like it has always been.

Isn't the name "4 Series" enough to justify a new era of 3 Series Coupé?
In what way would the 3 Series GT be a new era? It has already begun, with the 5 Series GT. The next step is the 1 Series GT, first MPV and first FWD. But that is not the car we see in the pic. Alone the rims tell that. It would get 1 Series M wheels and not 3 Series M wheels.

It is the 4 Series M. And yes it gets the same rims as the 3 Series M. If you look, both the 5 Series M and 6 Series M can have the same 351 M style rims from factory.

I say 4 Series M Package Production. If it was a Concept it would have painted brake calipers with M logos.