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Originally Posted by coupeman View Post
im slightly disappointed..i was waiting for this car for so long but after discovering that its only a C-class/A5 competitor it saddens me.

i was hoping this would be more up class, starting at around 50-60k, with an m version coming in at around 70k...but being such an entry level model+having good looks, you can be sure this thing will be EVERYWHERE ...i live where you see 100 e92 coupes every 5 minutes...this will be no different

i was hoping it would create its own segment, and slot in above an A5/C350/e92, but below a 6 series. i mean the name "4 series" would suggest that, wouldnt it? However it turns out that this thing is nothing more than an entry level coupe.

some might say, "so get a 6 then" ..but i happen to like the looks of this much better and think it makes the 6 even look a bit dated. ..then some might say, "so get an m4 then" ..but bmw is such a slow company that an m4 wont be coming out until 2015/2016

so im really not sure what to do now...i was hoping this would be more upscale and create its own brand new segment but im so disappointed that it will start at such a low price. it really diminishes the exclusivity of the car ...they had such potential with this. i mean they were creating a brand new car and a brand new lineup of cars from scratch...and they slot it so low in the bmw lineup. they should have saved the 2 series for that and had the compete with the C-coupe/A5 and moved this more upscale

it will probably have a weak engine which disappoints me even further. ive been wanting a new car since early 2011 and i was holding off for this. the looks satisfy me but the engine options and low price point are bummers. im not waiting until 2015 for an M4, and the 6 series looks outdated with its old head light style, might have to look elsewhere for my next purchase now...
So you want it to be more expensive? More of a status symbol? To place you above the unwashed masses in their proletariat E92 donkey carts?

I'm not sure why you thought this 4-series would be anything other than what it is. Pretty much everyone knew that it would basically be a coupe version of the F30 series with some increased sportiness. You're surprised it's "so low in their lineup"? Surprised that it's a bit up from the 3 series but a couple steps down from the 6 series, given that it's a 4 series? It's exactly where it should be, and if it were "more upscale" as a base, they'd be shooting themselves in the left eye.

I don't know what "segment" you thought a more upscale version would "create", but I can assure you that segment already exists, regardless of which direction upscale you wish to move. Take a look at something from Porsche or Aston Martin or perhaps something with a prancing horse or a bull on the bonnet, and you may feel more comfortable. If you want more power and more "exclusivity", and don't want to wait for the M4, there's really no option for you here.