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328i xDrive Ride Height

Hi folks,

So I finally got to test drive the 328 xDrive yesterday at Parkview. I'm actually a customer of Autohaus but I've found their service has been really shitty lately so I'm taking my biz elsewhere. Parkview had a demo available so off I went. Incidently, the sales guy there was super nice...and totally the typical d-bag sales person you usually find at BMW dealerships. Anyways...

I have to say the 4-banger is GREAT! Totally surprised and pleased. Wasn't crazy about the tin-sounding engine but I can overlook that.

What did kinda bother me was the xDrive ride height. When I look at a normal 328 Sport line, it looks good. I don't think anything has to be done to the car at all.

But the xDrive sits a bit high for my liking. It's such a minor thing I can live with it but I'm wondering if anyone knows the answers to the following:

1) Can an xDrive 3 series be lowered?
2) And if it can be lowered, does it void the warranty?
3) Does the ride height look the same if I upgrade to say 19" wheels instead of 18"s?

Re: #3) Common logic would state that 19" wheels would fill the gap a bit. But on the other hand, I wonder if the 19" wheels would simply raise the car vertically and not alter the wheel well gaps.