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7/32 is only half worn (assuming it came with 11/32 from new). The difference between the 7/32" tire and a new one will be 0.125", very little. This is less than the factory allowable tolerance between right/left suspension heights.

IMO, replace only the bad tire unless you have $ burning a hole in your pocket.

Also regarding repairs to RFT's, tire OEM's prefer for tire dealers to not repair RFT. Reason is RFTs are supposedly only good to ride flat for 50 miles or so and they have no way of knowing how long you rode on your deflated tire. So, they err on the side of caution and typically say no. Otherwise repairs to RFTs are the same as a non RFT tire. And it is possible to repair a runflat near sidewall puncture. Good luck finding someone to do it, but its very possible. I've had it done and it lasted for nearly a year before tire was done and needed replacing. RFT sidewalls flex so little the patch can hold if done correctly.

No surprise BMW dealers say no to all runflat repairs.

And also beware about going to your average tire shop. Most do not have a leverless tire mounting machine so expect wheel scratching when they R&R the tire.
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