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Originally Posted by Haarschmerzen View Post
I don't agree. If it is possible to stream the screen to idrive as it is today for the tv, you have a lot of possibilities. E.g. I would prefer to use my Iphone TomTom for navigation and have it on the idrive screen. Also the splitscreen is perfect to keep an eye on your lockscreen for incomming messages/notifications. Also for watching videos / showing fotos and other fun stuff :-)
Apple need to update their BT profile to allow message push over BT. That would fix that problem with today's technology. Similarly bmw could implement email support the same way they did with blackberry, again it requires updates from apple.

Just mirroring the iPhone screen on the CID provides zero value unless you also implement control .... You shouldn't look down at a handset to control a car screen .... And the apps themseleves need to be automotive grade ... Meaning that the time to interpret the information on the screen and interact with it, has to be close to zero.