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Pricing Question

I negotiated over the phone with a CA from Ann Arbor Michigan who agreed to sell at 1k over invoice.

I'm using the college graduate program along with the holiday incentives. My question is this...the holiday incentive came out after our agreement, so I asked whether this could be applied on top of our agreement, his answer:

"When we spoke of price a few days ago I agreed I would sell you the 335 at 1,000 over invoice. We are absorbing all rebates and discounting the vehicle to meet that price."

My question is: does the dealer actually absorb a holiday/college grad incentives? I'd think that was between BMWUSA and myself. I know this is sort of money grubbing but I'd like to at least know the best negotiation strategy/rules for future purchases. The car has already gone into production and I figure I've lost most negotiating leverage considering I signed a purchase agreement and made a down payment. I will probably attempt to get better financing from them because the 3.8%/0 down rate I got doesn't seem great and inline with college grad - 3.3%/0 down advertised rate (if it matters my credit is great and income is good enough).