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For what its worth, this is what SCOTT26 has to say about these pics:

Sadly like the 1er , still far off from the chosen design. Although the 5er and 7er will share the same bloodline .
The 3er is a bit more adventurous there will be classic BMW design elements but under Adrian Van Hooydunk and his team there has been greater scope for progress especially in areas such as front and rear shapes for the lighting units , which the 3er will offer a more design orientated approach to the classic L-design shape.

BMW's from now one will be more broader and muscular bulges will be formed in key areas such as the front and rear wheel arches without over exaggerated design elements that do not belong on every model .

The 3er is the segments best drivers car and now the brief is to give a more sporting orientated design , to go with it's driving characteristics.

The 3er GT is about 180 degrees from the 5er GT , although they will share the same bloodline , The 3er GT is a hybrid of a Touring and a Sporting shooting brake design. To understand the design of the 3er GT you have to go back to the original RFK Concept ,
With this design many within BMW loved the original intention unfortunately BMW had to re-interpret it's conception to a vehicle that would become today's 5er Gran Turismo.

The RFK concept has been brought back interms of proportion and outline to fit within the 3er's sporting segment , looking more compact with a shorter roof line , BMW have approved the design for the 3er GT.
Inside similar to the 5er GT , the 3er GT will feature a similar lounge experience with the option of four or five seats and a "shelf" like cockpit design.