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As previous posters have stated, a used bread and butter Japanese vehicle like Toyota, Honda or Subaru will be the much better bet for low maintenance costs. Going with a "prestige" (I put that in quotes because I don't know why BMW 3-series sedans fit that descriptor these days) German vehicle always includes high maintenance and repair costs, when they are necessary. If you are determined on this path, consider a CPO 3 YO off-lease from a BMW dealer. It still has a year left on warranty and a year's worth of annual maintenance will have been done. In particular, look at a 2017 or 2018 330e. I recently turned in one after a 3 year lease and it would have been a really big bargain to whoever bought that trouble-free vehicle. Don't let the lack of a way to recharge a PHEV deter you. My CA's father had a 330e and never charged it (because it would have made him think he was a wooly-headed liberal, in his own mind) but still enjoyed really great gas mileage with his "super-hybrid".