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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
I agree with most of your posts but not fully on this one. I agree with you that many of the problems come from lack of maintenance and care but some cars are more reliable than others no matter what you do with them.

Reliability is not the willingness to accept the cost of preventative maintenance and repair of broken/worn costs. 2017 Alfa's are known to have poor reliability even when under warranty, cost can be zero but the car can still spend it's life in the shop. Also some cars are very unreliable no matter what you do to take care of it, some new cars transmissions fit this.
Owners do nothing wrong but end up with a huge bill Then some Japanese cars require minimal maintenance/expense to still have reliability greater than the best cared for BMW's.
Agreed. There have been three BMWs in my family which were purchased outright brand spanking new. Each one was maintained by the book, garaged, and loved dearly. They all turned into lemons by 80-90k miles. You can do everything right but still get screwed. Meanwhile my Lexus IS just keeps chugging along without issue. BMWs are simply not engineered to last on purpose.
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