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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
Driver decides if he wants to keep paying repair bills on his constantly repaired Alfa after warranty to keep it reliable? How does this statement make sense? If it was reliable he wouldn't constantly be fixing it.

Your experiences with a few cars are a poor sample of the car industry as a whole.

You believe all cars are equally reliable and the only variable is how you take care of them? Not sure anyone believes this to be true. Some parts break because they were poorly designed or manufactured and there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening (replacing the part before it breaks doesn't make the part reliable, just avoids you being stuck somewhere).
I've been driving 42 years (pulling the old man card). My experience with owning and repairing automobiles goes back to early 1970 models. My experience includes GM, Ford, VW, BMW, and Honda. I agree Jags from the 1960's with Lucas electrics have a reputation as being problematic due to poor part design engineering and manufacturing. Italian cars of the same era have that reputation as well. But the OP is asking about a 2015 BMW and my discussion points relate to modern cars, which I'll frame as manufactured in the past 35 years.

Almost all mainstream manufacturers build reliable, high-build quality cars. Most cars are manufactured with globally sourced subcomponents from relatively the same base of suppliers. Automotive engineering for the most part is based on international SAE standards utilizing computer aided design, modeling, and manufacturing. Most automotive parts are manufactured to International Standards Organization (ISO) certified programs to achieve repetitive results of manufacturing processes. So the variation between manufactures on the use of well-engineered and good quality manufactured parts is not a large aperture. Part cost targets placed on suppliers does influence part quality, no doubt.

Yet there are variations of manufactured goods due to multiple reasons, but in general most modern cars are "reliable". Some break more than others, true, but is that a quality issue or a reliability issue. And as suboptimal performance from parts are discovered (for example the N52 water pump), efforts are taken to improve the engineered design or manufacturing technique to improve the part's performance.

So if the Alfa owner likes his car, post warranty he can decide if he financially will tolerate the cost to operate it.

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