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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
I've had 5 BMWs. I still have 4 of them. Total driven miles is 930,000. Total chassis miles is 1,050,000; two cars were bought used, 3 cars bought new. The fleet spans from the E30 to the E90. In 30 years, just 2 breakdowns on the road that required a tow truck. All cars are (or were) daily drivers at some point. 3 still get driven over 200 miles per week.

While not the largest sample of BMWs in the world, it's still a decent real-live representative example. I can't speak to the reliability E90 N54 3-series and model years past that with turbo engines.

All cars break.
I'm glad you had good luck overall. But I 100% believe that BMW's reputation is earned. The engineering, quality of parts used, and degree of stress/durability testing for BMW is inferior to Japanese cars. They know the overwhelming majority of their customers lease and view cars are disposable, so R&D goes into making the car great for its first few years that's it. Now of course the Japanese reliability model comes at it's own price, notably: poor styling, plasticky interiors, poor tech, old powertrains, and overall cars designed by committee for customers without passion for cars.
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