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Originally Posted by Elvisfan View Post
I disagree. Some of the Japanese and Korean cars are very stylish. Iíve heard nothing but bad things about LKAS on BMWs. ACC is standard on all but the lowest trims on Asian cars. Itís a stand alone option on most BMWs. Most car owners do not have a passion for cars. Most car owners want reliable cars. BMW was slow to add CarPlay and Android auto. Then BMW wanted you to subscribe to CarPlay. Most car owners are happy with their cars. Based on this forum, BMW are not happy with their cars. The first things owners post on here is how they can change their cars.
Fair point. I do think the Japanese/Koreans are making a handful of "passionate" cars now like the LC, LS, TLX, G70, Supra. I'll give them credit where it's due. And BMW has definitely put driving dynamics in the backseat for nearly all of its models. But overall I'd definitely say German cars have more inspiring styling, driving dynamics, interior quality, powertrain/chassis engineering, etc. than competitors.
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