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Originally Posted by Carjack View Post
Who's the riff-raff?
Black tyre marks everywhere in the South East, around roundabouts, on interesting corners, even straight roads, lowered suspension, souped-up OEM engines. All for speed on surburban & country roads.
Gives BMW a bad name.
Jeremy Clarkson said it all last weekend in my Sunday newspaper
"Yup, the M3 ticks all the boxed for me, but would not buy one as I do not want to give that image"
People I know, buy Audi & Merc for that reason.
BMW's are fast enough without idiots(=riff-raff) souping them up for the wrong reasons. It is different if it is for the race track but rarely is.
Hey! Careful with that axe Eugene!

You don't need a 330d to be riff-raff or an idiot. Some people (not necessarily me) might say that dressing a sheep up in wolf's clothes has more than a whiff of Chav about it. Not that I would ever say such a thing.

Anyway, enjoy your ashtray...
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