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Originally Posted by Evan135 View Post
Look at the Hofmeister kink and rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise and put it on the front fender, and voila you have the fender vent. A smart design compliment that ties the side design together!
Yes, you might have a fender vent, but anyone will tell you that rotating a design element 90 degrees, then placing it within the same view plane, and trying to make it complement the original element creates discord instead of rhythm. Complementary design elements almost never work if they are perpendicular.

Originally Posted by Evan135 View Post
I like it as these as these cars need a functional way to dump heat out of these claustrophobic turbocharged engine compartments. This visually works using one of BMW's most reconized design features.
It also helps the proportions of the car the same way the E92 M3 front fender vent does. Not too big on the black color but that is easy to fix.
They could have done something that complements the kink while not looking so cheap, dinky and tacked on.
Also, if they needed such a vent for discharging heat then make it better integrate into the top and bottom scooping. Maybe even make it larger, lose the plastic but keep the same body color, like as seen on the profile of the Aston Zagato or some of the older generation Jaguar XK's

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The E90/E92 bodies are just the opposite. 4 door has great proportions but the 2 doors have poor proportions. They look stretched out and only look good on the current E92 M3 where the rear spoiler, hood bulge, fender vent, and side sills fix that by breaking up the design of the side view.
While the M3 does have an amazing profile, I actually like the profile of the e92 over the e90. IMO the elongated profile makes it look sleeker and sportier, and accentuates the I6 under the hood. I like the front and rear view of the LCI E90 better, with the widened stance and broader shoulders, but the side of the e92 always seemed more refined. As for needing a bunch of trinkets and popouts to break up an elongated profile, go tell that to an E-Type

Originally Posted by Evan135 View Post
I really do not like the standard E92 design but I am really tempted by this look. I do like smaller cars and hope the 2 series fairs this well.
I too will be interested in the 2 series when/if it comes into fruition. With the modern frames being produced a 2 series should be able to keep the exterior dimensions of the e46 (which I think were just about perfect) while having interior dimensions equal to the e90 and e92.