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Originally Posted by giorgioarmani View Post

the perfect example of two progressive elitist socialists knocking those that dont share their opinions. Especially at the disgruntled brits who bunche an entire population "across the pond" cause one of them has a differing opinion to yours and then calling the guy whose opinion is deemed wrong a "twat" and an "idiot".
Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
They can't debate the point with a convincing argument (you should see the pwnage in the other ASS thread) so instead they start the personal attacks on an entire country.


The environment doesn't need the help of wealthy BMW owners as we already live a responsible lifestyle. ASS belongs on Kia's and Ford's, it's those people who pollute. Put it on trucks, put it on trains. It doesn't make a difference on a $50,000 German luxury car.

Wow you two are quite funny together But I do ask you to properly before you jump to conclusions and spout shit against straw-men rather than reality. I have been very, very specific in everything I've written NOT to talk about an entire country but expressly said that I'm talking about a minority; a sentiment echoed by many of your fellow countrymen who are no doubt ashamed to be associated with you.

And giorgioarmarni (lol @ your progressive elitist name btw), you call me a socialist again and you and I are going to have words. You just show off your own narrow-minded view of the world and kinda prove that you belong to this "minority2 of Americans of which we speak by saying that anyone who disagrees with you is a socialist

Seriously ... that's lame.

And I have never voted for a socialist party in my life. And never will. we are diametric opposites, socialists and I.

And BJ - you get funnier and funnier. Pwned in the ASS threads. Man, you should learn to read
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