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Originally Posted by boltjames View Post
BMW's protocol for iPhone sync does not allow for multi-tasking.

Could change in the future, it's what it is for now. That's why many F30 owners don't bother with apps at all. We don't want our iPhones trapped in the armrest, we don't want to lose text notifications just to hear streaming music we don't want to click through five screens to get a Facebook post. We have BMW Apps option on the car hoping that someday it'll be more useful, don't use it now.

I have a beater 64GB iPod Touch USB sync'd 24/7 for my 25,000 song iTunes collection. I have an iPhone 5 sync'd via Bluetooth for phone and text. That's it. It's the convenient way (some might say only way) to use iDrive and iOS devices right now.

ditt...only ive got a ghetto 60gb classic in the arm rest...glad inskipped the apps this gen...
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