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Originally Posted by GiorgioIr View Post
all models look alike now... in the past you didnt see that similarity between models, but the new ones share the same characteristics.. for example, f30 tails are kinda identical to f10 tails..
and like hks786 said, there are too many models now.
series 1, coupe/hatchback/m/cabriolet.
series 2 is soon to be released as i heard.
series 3 would be the sedan 3series (f30)wagon/sedan/gt/m.
series 4 would be the coupe 3 series (f30) coupe/m/cabriolet.
series 5 has gt/sedan/wagon/m.
series 6 has coupe/sedan/M/cabriolet.
series 7 would be sedan.
x1 standard.
x3 standard.
x5 m and nonm.
x6 m and nonm.

27 models lol, im sure i missed a few
Yupp, you forgot Z-series. Which is basically just the Z4.
And you could call the Hybids for a series carmodel like the the "M" cars.
And the electric "I" cars will have their own series in the future.
Maybe the upcoming FWD cars will have their own type of series as well. "BMW urbanic.."