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Originally Posted by BMW-RaceR View Post
This is what I would do and make!
Z-car lineup is almost empty. I would add 3 sporty cars so that BMW would not loose all their hard earned sporty reputation when launching future FWD cars, and making bigger and duller cars in general.

Z1, rwd convertible and coupe.The premium MX5 with several engine options and the featherweight version of the Z4. (Could share many parts with the Z2) Under 1050kg with many options. 3-cylinder engines. This car should be tiny and RWD.

Sporty 2+2 hatchback style «coupe» with a tiny trunk and 2 doors.
Why the tiny trunk? Because normal people should be able to sit in the back. You could fold down the back seats if you wanted more space in the trunk. The BMW design would be inspired by the old Z3/Z4 Coupes,Ferrari FF and the GT86 hatchback render i have posted beneth here.
1210kg-1300kg, depending on engine and options. Good option of 3-cylinder 1,5L engines only. 110hp-220hp in normal versions.
Extra powerful and rev happy M-version with 270HP and forged internals.
«Stripped out» CSL version with 280+ HP and below 1200kg.
Sport seats standard. Lightweight supersports seats as an option (from the CSL version)
"SuperSport" brakes as an option on low powered cars (brakes from M/CSL version)

(Picture is fan-art)

Z4 Like today – Luxury GT Convertible

Z5 «Sporty «Supra style car.» (Collaboration with Toyota, there are rumors about this)
Maybe with a targa roof? 2+2, triturbo straight six.

1-series F20/F20 facelift
With some of the same design as the 2-series GC render. Continue with hatcback and not mess up the 1-series..

Other stuff:
-Torsen or cluch-pack LSD as an option for all vehicles! (and the ability disable E-diff)
-Sensitive hydraulic steering as an option when chosing M-package. (if easily possible)
-Sensitive hydraulic steering standard in all Z and (non X) M vehicles.
-Manual transmission as an option for all vehicles!
-Good looking Alcantara sport seats as an option for all vehicles.
-More wheel and tire options.

New «X-drive SPORT» AWD system
Adjustable center-diff from the iDrive meny,70:30 to 10:90 ratio (front:rear).
4 present modes where active dampers are optimized to the drivetrain ratio for best possible handling.
1- Permanent front bias of 70:30
2 -Normal X-drive (default setting)
3- Permanent rear bias of 30-70
4- Permanent rear bias of 15-85

(Options to combine with mechanical LSDs)
That should make make some Audi fans get wet in their mouth, but also be an attractive options for typical BMW enthusiasts.
*LSDs arent supposed to go on non M cars. this is the way BMW is ever since they built the e36. Its part of their marketing scheme to increase the performance value of the m cars. for ex: BMW: "In this non m, its hard to drift since you got no lsd and no big deal of power, but however, with the M3, you got power AND an LSD which makes the drifting as easy as pie" -> customer "Oh ill go with m3"
*Sensible hydrolic steering wheel shouldn't be on sports car. because sports car should handle well on high speeds, this is why BMWs got a hard steering wheel and mercs have a steering wheel that you could turn with your pinky finger (I've tried it with ouR s550)
*Manual transmission as an option for all vehicles! win.
*Good looking Alcantara sport seats as an option for all vehicles. win. but arent performance seats just that? you can install them in virtually any bmw..
*More wheel and tire options. win. But I doubt for the tires since Bmw only deals with just 1 brand..
*Z2 idea is win on the performance side, but i wouldent use that design for those reasons:

I dig the ideas and the models, but those pics you posted make BMWs look like Toyotas (hatch looks like the new toyota 86) and other jap cars. IMO BMW and other German cars have their own German identity in the design, this is why I love BMW in the first place, especially when that German design is accompanied by an excellent German engineering and a powerfull engine.
Recently, despite the similarities between models, I would still go with BMW as a next car. the f10 m5 is making a killing, the f30 m3 and m4 should be superb, i dig the x6 and the x5 especially M versions.

*There's something I wanna add: BMWs are said to outshine everything in the twisties.. so I want my E46 steering feeling back. You know, when tackling corners, I feel that something is weird with my steering. I've driven 3 E9xs and they all feel like that. E46 steering is far more superior..
*In the interior, Id want a pocket in the center console where I could put my wallet and cellphone, since they tend to fall all over the car right now.
*Id ditch the safety belt holder whatever its called since it aint doing its job properly.
*Id bring back E46 coupe style rear windows that open sideways, I loved those
*Id ditch the popping cup holders unless they are reallocated to somewhere logical: the driver side cup-holder in the E9x is just an accident waiting to happen especially if you got a passenger with long legs beside you, every time he moves his legs upward, which are DIRECTLY under the freakin cup-holder, they'd hit the bottle and the bottle would pop out and cause spillage in the bay. Happened to me and several friends I don't use them ever since lol
That's about everything I can think about now..

Too much mods to list..