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The only requirement for tire manufacturers to put "M+S" on the tire (the marking for all-season) is that the tread have 25% open space. That's not very demanding. While all-seasons also have tread that stays "soft enough" for cold weather, the real name that should be used is "no-season", because they're not very good in any season.

IMO, you should get some performance snow tires like Michelin Pilot Alpine 3 or Blizzak LM26 (Pirelli, Dunlop and Continental and others also make performance snows.) Although not performing as well as summers, they are close to all-seasons, and the tread wear is sufficient for 3-4 years.

There are people that use all-seasons on their awd/'xi vehicles and do ok. But although you might get through some minor snow events, you will not be going very far in any icy conditions with all-seasons. And spinning out is gonna happen.