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Originally Posted by F30inthe6ix View Post
Not gonna lie I typically think GT 3's and 5's are hideous, but your excellent photography skills really brings out the potential beauty of the vehicle.

Nice ride!
Thank you

I dont like 5GT much, but the 3GT aint that bad. Ok its not as good looking as a F30/31/32/33/36 but I think the front end is better than most of those.

If I could I would have the looks of my last car, e91 or a f31, with the Space of the GT. Have three kids in the backseat, two of those with big seats.

Maybe an X5 would have as much space, but its alot more expensive.

And I didnt want to go to a Ford S-Max or a 2 series GT, so this was a good compromise!

I also think in the US you guys grow a complex against the GT's since you dont get the touring.. which is too bad, cause they are great!

When the G31 is somewhat cheaper I think thats our next car.
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