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Originally Posted by minitechnicus View Post
Hypermile, I implemented few of your mods and suggestions while we were on the other forum, I hope you are glad you jumped the ship. My 328d is fantastic and could not be happier. What a difference !
I'm always glad to help a fellow enthusiast, no to mention a local Canadian eh? lol

I'm curious to know what thread you are referring to and what mods you implemented.

I am very happy with the 328d. The only complaint I have about the car is the inability to adjutant throttle response in comfort mode. I like having the full potential of the engine at all times and find the throttle laggy in GTA traffic driving in comfort and eco mode. By the time my engine picks up, one or 2 cars have already cut in front of me lol. I know a thing or two about hypermiling, feathering the throttle and coasting are the basics of hypermiling. I also hate the sloppy feel of the steering (first few weeks I was struggling to keep the car in the lane without making constant adjustments, kept activating the lane keep steering wheel vibration lol) unless I go into sport mode and select chassis or chassis and drivetrain, but the problem is if I pick chassis, my suspension gets stiff and sucks for GAT local driving and even hwy pot4ole-0-1. Again if I could pick the throttle response, damper and steering separately in all modes, I would me very pleased. Two things I am content about are the torque and efficacy of this little motor. Turbo Diesel FTW!