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Originally Posted by chiefneil View Post
My wife has a 230i m-sport. It's way, way more fun to drive than my 335i m-sport.

But... I don't find the seats or the seating position very comfortable. It's fine for short trips, but I suspect long trips would be painful. The upper back angle pushes forward a bit too much so I feel a little hunched over and have to recline more to compensate. But then since I'm reclining more, I need to move the seat closer which then causes my knees to bump up against the steering column.

So definitely take a decent test drive and pay close attention to seat comfort and positioning. For reference, I'm 6'1" and 165 lbs. We've owned 5 bmws over the past 25 years since and I've always found the seats to be very comfortable - this is the very first one that I don't find comfortable, which is a shame because I love the car otherwise.
How is the 230i more fun? Isnt it a 4 cylinder turbo?