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Small update...

I recently read a thread on this forum regarding Bimmercode, an app that lets you code your BMW. I've always wanted to turn off the start up warning, back-up camera warning, and enable auto folding mirrors. So I picked up a new Bimmercode-approved bluetooth OBDII unit and paid for the Bimmercode app.

Within a few minutes I was able to active a number of features on my car as well as deactivate all of the warnings I loath dismissing every time I get in the car. In addition I disabled Active Sound. I actually prefer the sound of the stock engine and exhaust over the fake nonsense being pumped into the cabin.

Road Trips
Lately I've taken a number of road trips in the F31. My wife and I had a weekend getaway for our 10 year anniversary. Just yesterday I drove the family on a 400 mile round trip to Sesame Place, a Seasame Street theme park. In a few weeks I'll be mounting the cargo box on the roof and we'll be making a long drive to the Outer Banks.

Gas Mileage
After 4 years of driving around in Comfort mode 95% of the time, I've started switching to Sport more frequently. I've noticed my gas mileage has increased quite a bit in Sport mode (3 to 4 mpg over the course of a tank). Yesterday I took a 400 mile trip and averaged 31 mpg in Sport mode, despite never using 8th gear. I can only guess that non-sport mode shifts too early and keeps RPMs too low, combined with my driving style I'm probably just dumping fuel in the engine at lower RPMs to get it up to speed. I'll be running sport mode from now on as it's more fun AND more efficient for my driving style.

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